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Nov. 7, 2000 -
Paul Drops Out Of Presidential Race

Nov. 2, 2000 -
Paul Announces His October Surprise: His Running Mate

Oct. 25, 2000 -
Bush and Gore See the Writing on the Wall: Victory for Paul; Paul Promises October Surprise to Ensure Victory

Oct. 8, 2000 -
Chomicki's Exclusion From Debates Is "Tragedy For America"; Paul Denounces Bush And Gore For Denying Him Chance To Debate

Sept. 17, 2000 -
Paul Chomicki Emerges As The Candidate Of Issues; Announces New Policy Initiatives

Aug. 13, 2000 -
Paul Chomicki Officially Moves Campaign Headquarters To California

Jul. 16, 2000 -
Democrats Panic Over Paul Chomicki's Increasing Support

Jun. 12, 2000 -
Polls Show Paul Chomicki Catching Up To Bush And Gore In New York

May 23, 2000 -
Paul's New Campaign Theme

Mar. 28, 2000 -
Paul Leaves Democratic Party for Independent Run

Mar. 25, 2000 -
Paul Reconsiders Republican Nomination; Switches to Democratic Party

Mar. 23, 2000 -
Paul Seeks the Republican Party's Nomination

Oct. 2, 1996 -
Paul Announces His Candidacy For President of The United States

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