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Paul Seeks the Republican Party's Nomination

For Immediate Release
March 23, 2000

Long Island, New York (March 23) - After careful consideration, Paul decided Tuesday that he would seek the presidential nomination of the Republican Party. When asked what issues Paul identified himself with the G.O.P., he quickly reinforced his independence from the party: "I don't know."

Paul has been running a low-key campaign, under the radar screen of the public. "Campaigning subvertively has been a great tactic at shoring up my base. So now that I have most of my family's support, it's time to move into high gear. It's been tough so far, but campaigning has disciplined me to go after the big boys now. It's much easier waking up before noon than it was several months ago and that has helped tremendously. George Bush, John McCain, Gary Bauer, John Anderson: Look out!"


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