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The Chomicki Story

Paul was born in the early 1970's in New York. At an early age Paul was instilled with strong family values. These values have remained with him today, as he still lives with his parents.

During his accomplished life, Paul has dedicated himself to education. This is powerfully demonstrated by his devotion to the sixth and ninth grades, which he has repeated each five times.

Paul has also been active in politics for many years. His political activities began early, during his days in high school. He briefly joined the school's Young Socialists club. Paul quickly became disenchanted when he learned that their agenda was not about socializing and, therefore, not going to improve his lack of popularity. He still uses every available opportunity to increase his knowledge, including summer school and in-school suspensions.

Paul has also been a loyal employee to the same company his entire adult life. He has worked his way up at the local supermarket chain to the prestigious role of head stock boy. However, his professional success has not diminished his ability to sympathize with the little man, as his salary still hovers slightly above minimum wage.

Paul is also very religious. Unashamed of his Christian beliefs, he prays often, invoking Jesus Christ's name repeatedly when he hits his thumb with a hammer.

Paul is unmarried and looking.

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