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Chomicki Thinking on the Issues

Paul Supports a Balanced Budget

As President, Paul will insist on no less than a balanced budget from the U.S. Congress. Paul strongly believes the spending should be balanced equally among humans, chickens, and ducks. Far too long spending has been inequitably distributed in favor of humans with the chicken and duck populations woefully neglected. Paul will balance the budget accordingly.

Paul Will Restore Our National Symbols

Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey as our national symbol. Franklin believed that the eagle, our current symbol, was ravenous and too violent to represent the country. Paul Chomicki agrees. Except for the turkey part - Paul believes that part was lame. Paul would designate the chicken as our national symbol.

Paul Believes In Education

Paul says that education is very important for the development of this nation's future. He is quick to cite that if he had paid attention in class and wasn't suspended so frequently, he too would be able to read. His pro-education message is an inspiration to many, and he hopes that if he gets elected, he will be able to get his G.E.D. and have the credentials to be accepted into community college.

Paul Wants to Improve Health Care

Paul knows that while this country's health care is unsurpassed by any other country's, it can and must be improved. Paul will dedicate his presidency's first three days to modernizing it for the 21st century. As an average American, Paul understands how good health care is often difficult to obtain. As president, he is certain he would be more likely to get a girlfriend, so health care that adequately treats veneral disease is a must.

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