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The Chomicki Record

Paul: American Patriot

As a lifetime citizen of the United States, Paul Chomicki has lived here since he was born. He has never left the country and has traveled throughout the United States, primarily in New York, Virginia, and once in Philadelphia for a concert. Once, when asked if he had plans to travel outside the country, he said "hell, no!" as he looked at his bank book.

Paul: Man of Action

Paul throw a tantrum for the American people. Time and time again, Paul Chomicki has fought long and hard to make his mark on society and improve the lives of all around him. Once, while at work, he actually performed his job so others would not have to pick up the slack for him. Everyone's lives, that day, were improved. When he sees problems that need to be corrected, Mr. Chomicki steps to the forefront and takes immediate action - once he saw a door to a building that needed urinating on, and he swiftly corrected the situation.

Paul: Civic Leader

Paul flexes his political muscle. Paul has been a respected member of his community for many years. By throwing his weight around, he has been able to keep most grocery stores and restaurants in the community prosperous. Paul became a prominent political leader just recently when he went to the DMV to renew his license, after it was revoked. He eagerly accepted the renewal form with the Motor Voter registration form and almost registered to vote. Paul states that were he not so disgusted by the current political climate, he would have registered. If elected, he promises he may register to vote, the next time his driver's license is revoked.

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