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Who's Endorsing Paul

Paul Chomicki's impressive credentials have earned him countless endorsements from across the political spectrum. Read for yourself, the strong words of support Paul has received:

  • "I've voted for worse."
    - Paul's mother

  • "If I were registered, Paul might receive my vote."
    - Paul's brother

  • "Paul would make the best mayor of the United States ever! He's got my votes!"
    - Paul Chomicki

  • "We, the below signed, wholeheartedly throw our support to a Paul Chomicki presidential candidacy. We would be very excited to know that Paul could be the main competitor for the nomination in our Party."
    - Gov. George W. Bush (R), Steve Forbes (R), John McCain (R), Alan Keyes (R), Gary Bauer (R), Orrin Hatch (R), Al Gore Jr. (D), Bill Bradley (D), Pat Buchanan (Reform), Donald Trump (Reform),

  • "Please run, Paul! Please!"
    - Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, the writers of Saturday Night Live, Association of American Editorial Cartoonists

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