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Paul Drops Out Of Presidential Race

For Immediate Release
November 7, 2000

Los Angeles, California (November 7) - Paul Chomicki announced today that he is ending his run for the presidency after his campaign ran out of money. Paul explained, "I can't afford to continue this campaign any further, so, as of now, I am indefinitely suspending my campaign." This press release uses up the remaining funds of the Chomicki campaign.

Paul reminisced about the past few months, "It was a terrific experience meeting people. I was surprised by the support I received, especially by women. Usually I get rejected by them much more frequently."

His running mate, Larry, also reflected on the campaign, "I was honored and thrilled to be a part of this campaign these past five days. When my advisors told me that this campaign was over, I was saddened, but I joined the ticket anyway. It's a shame."

Paul promised to his supporters that he would return. "It's not over for Paul! 2004 is just around the corner, and next time I will file with the FEC [Federal Election Commission] so that I can raise money for my campaign."


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