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Polls Show Paul Chomicki Catching Up To Bush And Gore In New York

For Immediate Release
June 12, 2000

Commack, New York (Jun. 12) - Today the Chomicki Campaign announced that Paul is virtually tied with both Bush and Gore in New York, according to new internal polls. "Most of the media have been ignoring Paul Chomicki in their polling, telling us it's a two-man race, but ours tell a different story. We know that Paul can beat Bush and Gore in his sleep. However, with our latest poll and with Paul sometimes waking up before noon, those two should worry that he won't just be beating them in his dreams."

Chomicki 2000 Internal Poll - June 11

Suppose the presidential election were being held today, with Al Gore as the Democratic Party's candidate, George W. Bush as the Republicans Party's candidate, and Paul Chomicki as an independent candidate, who would you be more likely to vote for?

      Paul Chomicki       22%
      George W. Bush      33%
      Al Gore             33%
      Other/Undecided     11%

Sampling error: +/-22% pts

The poll was conducted June 11. It surveyed 9 adult Americans from the Chomicki family household.


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