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Paul Chomicki Emerges As The Candidate Of Issues; Announces New Policy Initiatives

For Immediate Release
August 13, 2000

Los Angeles, California (September 17) - This morning Paul criticized his opponents for running on "feel-good pleasantries" instead of issues. He asserted that he was the only candidate of substance. "I am different. I have issues. Lots of them."

Paul introduced a new issue that would be a focus of his campaign. Standing at the local jail, beside his car, containing all his possessions, Paul announced that he would make property rights and law enforcement major issues in this campaign.

"These past few months, I have been going door to door, to find out what issues are important to the American people. In doing so, I've learned that their desire to protect their private property is overwhelming! Repeatedly, they told me to get off their damn property before they call the cops, and their message has finally sunk in," Paul said.

Paul added, "my opponents tell us we need more cops on the streets. However, in talking to the people, I learned, first hand, there are more than enough cops."


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