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Paul Chomicki Officially Moves Campaign Headquarters To California

For Immediate Release
August 13, 2000

Los Angeles, California (August 13) - After campaigning throughout the city of Los Angeles, Paul decided to make it official and move everything from his Long Island headquarters to L.A. "This move made sense, since I had extra space at my new apartment."

"The cross section of people in L.A. is amazing. It has given me a better feel for this country's diverse people. Until now, I was unaware of America's large population of transvestites and Marilyn Monroe impersonators. I love it out here. The people are very friendly, especially those along the Sunset Strip."

Paul had spent months on Long Island shoring up his base and was reluctant to risk abandoning his key supporters. However, there were indications that this move was not only harmless, but even helpful to maintain his base. "I really didn't want to leave my family after all their support. But they obviously understood that moving out was politically necessary, because they assured me that if I didn't leave that very minute, I would suffer dearly."


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