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Paul Announces His October Surprise: His Running Mate

For Immediate Release
November 2, 2000

Los Angeles, California (November 2) - Lawrence Yu Yesterday Paul Chomicki proudly announced his vice presidential running mate: Lawrence (Larry) Yu, a network engineer from New York. Larry complements Paul and will add a lot to the ticket: He has a college diploma and is very well liked.

Paul said "It is a privilege to have Larry on my team. I pursued his support rigorously and it worked! After lots of begging and pleading, he knew it wasn't enough to get me to give in."

The campaign declared that Larry on the ticket would ensure success to Paul's strong candidacy. Larry agreed, "I am happy to be on the ticket. This campaign now has a real chance."

Paul continued to speak highly of his running mate, "Larry resonates very well with people, and he will be a great addition. Everyone who's met him agrees that he was a great choice. Countless people have said he should be on the top of the ticket. I couldn't be prouder."

The reaction from the people has been very positive. At his speech yesterday, Paul got cheers for choosing Larry. Paul explained, "I told my audience, that 'a vote for Chomicki was a vote for Yu' and the people applauded." The cheers grew stronger as Paul continued, "I think Yu would enjoy an easy, high-paying government job! Come out and vote for me on Tuesday and I promise Yu a cushy job! That is how I will thank Yu for helping me win!' Thank Yu, everyone. Thank Yu!"


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