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Chomicki's Exclusion From Debates Is "Tragedy For America"; Paul Denounces Bush And Gore For Denying Him Chance To Debate

For Immediate Release
October 8, 2000

Los Angeles, California (October 8) - This morning, while rallying supporters in his apartment, Paul Chomicki criticized Bush and Gore for excluding him from the debates. "My exclusion is a tragedy for America. Al Gore and George Bush gives us their views. The public is missing out on more, though. It should have to hear my views also."

The Chomicki campaign reaffirmed Paul's desire to debate. "Paul is challenging his opponents to weekly debates, up and till the election. After examining Paul's campaign and personal schedules, we decided Saturdays would be perfect - He is never busy those nights."

Paul elaborated on why the American people should see him debate. "I am a different person with extraordinary ideas. Even as a child, experts told me I was special. Clearly they know I have a lot to share with the public. To this day they still say that I should be studied."

The Bush and Gore campaigns have not responded to Paul's challenge.


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