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Paul's New Campaign Theme

For Immediate Release
May 23, 2000

Flanders, New York (May 23) - This past Thursday, while wrapping up his campaigning on Long Island, Paul Chomicki unveiled a new campaign theme. With the Long Island Big Duck towering behind him, Paul said "I am combining several key issues of my campaign with an optimistic, forward looking message: the Re-Hatching of America."

Paul is certain that this new theme will remind the Midwest, a major electoral battleground this November, that he fully understands their interests: "I love chickens and ducks."

The egg will be the symbol of the campaign till November, for now. Paul explained, "I want people to be reminded of me when they see an egg. Eggs are perfect since they are always in everyone's refrigerator." Unable to resist warning his opponents of his presence, Paul held up an egg and proclaimed, "Mr. Gore. Mr. Bush. When you beat one of these, think of me!"

After finishing his speech, Paul tossed several eggs, decorated with his logo, to passersby. "The people responded positively to getting their own Chomicki eggs. There is obviously a groundswell of support for me. People don't honk and swerve around the road for just any egg."


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