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Democrats Panic Over Paul Chomicki's Increasing Support

Democrat Mayor blasts Chomicki's surge in recent poll

For Immediate Release
July 13, 2000

Commack, New York (July 13) - Last week, the Chomicki campaign released a poll* showing Paul's popularity in New York. On July 6, the campaign received an e-mail response from Mayor Jerry Brown of Oakland, CA. Brown dismissed the poll as "wrong" and "obviously designed to mislead".

The Chomicki campaign described Mayor Brown's remarks as unfair and incorrect, noting to Brown that all the polling information was provided in the press release.

Paul said, "the Democrats are clearly worried and understandably so! I would be worried, too, if I were doing this well in the polls! Mayor Brown's response is an obvious attempt to destroy confidence in our campaign, but we don't need him to do that for us."

This development comes just as the Chomicki campaign is moving its headquarters to California. Paul said, "I'm not surprised that my biggest critic is from California, since I've been campaigning here for several weeks. I'm just stunned it's someone who hasn't met me yet."

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