Parents of the Site

JIM HUBER : Web Designer/Site's Mother

Jim typing in bed

Jim is the site's web designer, having developed the graphics and design of the site. He also programmed everything that makes the site work. He draws all the cool cartoons and writes the content with Dave (see below). After a long day of working at a web design company and writing his own cartoon, he works on this site. His life consists of sitting in front of a computer screen for appromixately 23 hours a day. His eyes have dried up and his hair is falling out. Jim never sleeps.


Dave on motorcycle

Dave is the head writer for He takes what Jim writes, changes it, and calls Jim names. After thinking up the site together, Campfield hopped the state, stranding Jim to program and care for the site himself. When it came time to pay for it's expenditures, Campfield claimed the site wasn't his. The matter is currently being settled in court.

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