Dedicated to the laziest man alive

This fun site is devoted to humorous games, pictures, and jokes at Paul Chomicki's expense... and sometimes yours!

We've got a lot up here already: games and photos, cartoons, Paul's presidential site, et cetera. And we've got more coming soon!

Who is Pauly C?

Some call him a rebel... others call him the voice of a generation... most call him a guy who sleeps late and lives with his parents. He also really likes chickens and ducks.

Pauly C Features

Paul sleeping
  • YOU are Paul

    Play Paul's first Choose Your Own Adventure game. Get him through the day in one of his wackiest adventures!
  • Paul's Madlibs!! *

    Fill in the gaps to Paul Chomicki-style Mad Libs
  • Paul, The Time Traveler!

    Paul goes back in time and rewrites history. Take a look at the pictures he brought back!
  • Paul Chomicki For President

    Take a look at the site that started it all. This is Paul's official site for his 2000 presidential campaign, which was twice mentioned in the Washington Times.
  • And more!