Paul's Madlibs

Some helpful definitions

  • noun: person, place, thing (e.g. chicken, bathroom, laziness)
  • plural noun: noun denoting more than one (e.g. chickens, bathrooms)
  • adjective: describes a noun (e.g. fat, lazy)
  • comparative adjective: adjective making a comparison (e.g. fatter, lazier)
  • adverb: describes an adjective, verb, etc. Often ends in "ly" (e.g. slowly, incompetently)
  • verb: denotes an action (e.g. sleeps, eats)
  • greeting: phrase used upon meeting (e.g. "Hello", "Go away. I'm trying to sleep.")
  • exclamation: brief excited utterance (e.g. "Go to hell!", "Tell them Large Marge sent you!")

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