How to Play:

"You are Paul" is a Choose Your Own Adventure game, where you create the story as you go along. Every step along the way is a small piece of the story and one or more choices of what to do next.

When you hit a dead end, your only choices are to:

  • Start over (by clicking on "Start Over"). This will actually start you at your most recent milestone, if you reached any. Otherwise, you will start from the beginning of the game.
  • going back in the story (by clicking your browser's back button) and continuing from there.

Remember what you learned when you were a kid: winners never cheat, and cheaters never win. Same applies here too.

There is more than one path to victory. Chances are, those paths are the ones you least expect. And even after you win, we encourage you to try the other paths as well. They're all a lot of fun.


You are Paul


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